I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do set a lot of goals for myself. I’d like to set goals for this blog (which I’ll definitely share here), but I’m also setting personal goals (sharing them here to keep myself accountable). 2014 was a good year, but it could have been a lot better (academically, personally, and even professionally (in terms of opportunities)). First, I’d like to talk about things that went well & things that I’ll always remember 2014 for. 
2014 (the good & the great)
good; adjusted to high school, survived my freshman year 
good; tried new things, ran in track & field (which I’m doing again this year!)
good; established a presence online (launched this blog & familiarized myself with the opportunities available.)
great; started a She’s the First chapter at my high school! 
2015 (for this blog) 
  • post once a week
  • join a blogger network, make friends who blog 
  • improve the aesthetic (as the year goes on)
  • more media (photos & videos & things of that sort)
2015 (personal)
  • wake up earlier // I actually do my best work in the mornings (with a cup of tea & the sunrise!)
  • be more consistent // academically & concerning the blog & just life things in general
  • forgive myself // one B won’t kill, don’t worry about it all the time. (but learn from your mistakes)
  • be kinder // stop using the excuse “i’m just cynical”, no body needs your sass! 
  • write more // write on this blog, in your journal, and really just about anywhere. 
  • read more // i’m aiming to read 50 books this year! follow me on goodreads to keep up!
  • be patient // progress is slow, but sure 
and really, just know that you know what you are doing, know that you are important, and know that everything will be okay! ❤
   here’s to a great year! cheers! 


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