week #2: an eventful beginning to 2015.

This week has simply been riddled with opportunities, I’m now working on the blog team at Her Culture and as a Women’s Issues reporter for She Speaks Media (both amazing publications that you should definitely take a look at!). This blog has also taken off, I’ve switched my host to WordPress, and just honestly invested more time into it. Let’s just say that I’m very very very excited about the rest of 2015.

I’d like to share a new 8tracks playlist every week, so this one is called young hearts (and dreary eyes). It’s in preparation for exams coming up, when caffeine just won’t cut in anymore, and you need something else to help yourself get hyped to destroy those exams.


New Year’s Eve was great, I spent time with an old friend, take a look at this cute #tbt! (also check out my very festive nails!)


Winter break as a whole was a good time, and a much needed break (still kind of bitter over the fact that there’s school tomorrow.) I spent time with friends & family, read good books, and was pretty productive (not in an academic sense, but whatever).

IMG_2065 IMG_2118     IMG_2124 IMG_2121


Also, I’ve fallen in love with this cover of Bombay Bicycle Club’s How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep. It’s so quaint and resonant, and I like it a lot better than the original. This cover reminds me of quiet winter mornings, and it’s quite soothing.

I’m definitely not ready to go to school, take exams or really any of that, but I don’t really have a choice.





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2 responses to “week #2: an eventful beginning to 2015.

  1. Ahhh I’m headed back to campus right now (just waiting for my delayed flight… waiting and waiting….) and I am so not ready! Kinda envious of the opportunities you nabbed to practice writing, though idk how I could handle all that work! You go girl! I hope you enjoyed your holidays while it lasted and come back refreshed and re-energized 🙂 Happy New Year! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Thank you! Honestly, I thrive on these writing opportunities (it makes high school go by much faster!), and I’m actually pretty new to the whole journalism scene– so I’m really excited about where that might take me! Good luck back at school- don’t worry, you’ll be fine! I hope you had a great break, and Happy New Year to you too! (also.. I love your blog! I smile every time you come up on my bloglovin’ feed!)

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