kill them with kindness (and other lessons)

I’m not one for clichés, but… actually, scratch that, I kind of am (but the only the good ones, I swear). Anyways, this is going a shorter post, because I’m currently studying my way through exams. They’re awful, as usual, but I’m trying not to be too negative. I’ve been immersing myself in a lot of positive thought lately, (or clichés, call them what you want), and they’ve helped me out a lot. I hope this post helps you out too (or just puts a smile on your face)!

1. love yourself, no matter what. 

I think that it’s really important to always be your #1, because at the end of the day, sometimes you’ve only got yourself. So why not have good company? Be sure to work hard and challenge yourself, but also keep a steady gauge on your both your physical and mental health. Academics and careers are really important, but your health and happiness are worth so much more (they’re irreplaceable).

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 3.50.09 PM

2. work hard. (waiting never got anyone anywhere.)

Work hard. Get to the grind. Hustle. Call it what you want, but hard work is really your best bet. Hard work beats talent, period. Talent exists, and not everyone has it, but let me tell you, talent isn’t going to get you far. Talent makes you lazy, and all those famous people, oh yeah, they’re talented, but they also work hard as hell. This isn’t me telling you to go insane, never sleep, and work 18 hour days. Please don’t do that (refer to the above paragraph), it’s destructive. I am, however, telling you to put your best work out there and believe that you’ll make it (because I believe in you, so you should too).

work hard3. kill them with kindness (just be nice okay). 

It’s so important to be nice to other people. I’m telling you this, because I’ve definitely learned from experience. I always hate to admit this, but I can be extremely rude (especially if I’m stressed & sleep deprived). Sometimes I can’t help it, the sassy remark seems to have flown out of my mouth before my filter could have caught it, or something like that. You need to put yourself in a situation where you’re going to be nice, and this is hard, but it’s essential. Everyone is going through a different variant of what your dealing with, stop being so self-centered. I’m also really ambitious (sometimes to a fault), and it’s really important to understand that belittling people isn’t going to get you anywhere. My interpretation of this cliché isn’t really true to it’s meaning, but I think this is a better version, and this is an ideology that I enforce in my life everyday.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 4.20.14 PM

I hope that this post made you at least a little bit more happier or ambitious! Good luck with whatever it is that your tackling right now (whether it be exams or not)!


a0c16-screen2bshot2b2015-01-022bat2b1-31-592bpm(all images are reblogged from my tumblr (which have the sources), these images are not mine!)



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8 responses to “kill them with kindness (and other lessons)

  1. I’ve learnt so much from my school life that working hard is key, sometimes people get what they want without working hard but it is rare, and not a very good chance to take, love this post!

    • Me too! I’m especially not good at math (but I want to study sciences after high school), so I’ve definitely had to put a lot lot lot of work into that class! To be honest, I’m glad that I have to work hard in it, because it’s taught me a lot about myself. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! Have a wonderful day!

  2. love this, great advice!

  3. I love your positive attitude! Get it girl!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  4. Cliches are cliches for a reason 🙂 because as much as we want to deny them, there’s still at least a bit of truth to them. Good luck with your exams! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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