week #3: starting fresh

It’s the beginning of the new semester, and I couldn’t be happier. I usually dread the second semester because it’s filled with a lack of motivation and longing for summer break. However, I think that this year is going to be different, I can already see the improvement in my work ethic and that sort of stuff. These last couple of weeks have been pretty alright, and I’m excited to share my happenings with you all!


I’ve come with a new technique to avoid tons of unmotivated hours. Go to you favorite online shop (mine is Anthropologie), put whatever you want in the cart (I usually total $1,500 LOL), and then go to check out and laugh (and think to yourself how one day, you’d like to afford all that), and then get to work!

So, I’ve come up with a lot of clothing and accessory items that I like (but definitely can’t afford), so I’ll just share them with you guys!

1. anthropologie starry night joggers

I adore these ‘joggers’ (harem pants?), they look comfortable and they’re so sparkly (they’re like revamped sweats!). I could totally see myself wearing these with just a flannel or even something like a black top. These definitely top my wish list, because I’m pretty lazy (especially when just dressing for school), and they would probably be a great addition to my already kinda extensive harem pants collection.

starry joggers- wishlist2. anthropologie reyna dress

This dress is sold out, but it’s very up-my-alley. I wear a lot of neutral colors (especially black), and I certainly have a thing for metallics. I don’t know, it just has a very familiar charm and it’s very dressy, yet modest (esp. with tights). It would be perfect for an interview or any other professional pursuits. You also wouldn’t really need to accessorize because it’s already plenty sparkly!


2. jeffrey campbell hough heels

These heels look really classy, something about this color makes me want to see these shoes on an artsy little stony road (that would make for painful walking though!). The straps look pretty secure, and the walking probably isn’t that bad. I feel like you could wear these for really anything, and the color seems to flatter pretty much all skin tones.



I’ve been loving MADE IN HEIGHTS recently, they’re really interesting and it’s definitely hard to place them in a box (I’d say like pop-gothic-whimsy?), and my favorite from them is All the Places. Listen to them on Spotify, they’re great, I promise.



Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.09.35 PMThis image is from Danielle Laporte’s truthbomb subscription (you can get them delivered to your inbox daily here). I’ve been dealing with a lot of self-disappointment recently, last semester I didn’t reach my personal goals. I’m pretty self-critical, and I can be really harsh on myself (even when I gave it my all). This little quote kind of resonated with me when I read it, and it’s definitely stuck with me, these last couple of weeks. I always surround myself with positive bits here and there, and email subscriptions are really good for this. Some of my favorites are Prep Talk (delivered weekly) and newsletters from Smart Girls Group (pretty customizable).

That’s pretty much all of what I’ve been loving these past couple of weeks. I hope you enjoyed this! Have a great week!

best wishes,



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