on temperament

As I come to the culmination of my sophomore year of high school, reflecting on how odd these last couple of months have been has become a favorite pastime of mine. This year has been simultaneously wonderful and peculiar. It’s been delightful in that many of my ideas and plans have finally materialized, I’ve launched projects and written blog post upon blog post for a plethora of sites. However, all of these accomplishments have encapsulated in an out of body feeling. I’ve recognized that I act with many introverted tendencies, and identify as an INFP (though I try not to read too much into this as I realize I’m still young), so I’ve always been reserved and idealistic. However, now I find myself to be much more outspoken, and always talking through once much appreciated silences. The pressure of leading things and being known as someone who does things, stresses me out. This isn’t inherently bad, and I don’t think people generally notice it. However, I feel like I’m always continuously trying to market myself off as a “closet extrovert”, and this makes me feel like I’m not living my own life. I think that it’s really important to stick to your temperament, and it’s essential to not change your personality, regardless of the circumstances that you’re in. All this thinking about temperament gave me the idea to compose at least a seemingly comprehensive list on how to stick to your temperament and be who you actually are.


1. understand who you are

Introvert, extrovert, MBTI type.. if none of these words sound familiar, you should definitely think about learning a bit about personality psychology, and this test might be handy. It’s really important to understand your personality because it can help uncover a lot about yourself, and you’ll probably gain a increased sense of self. For example, understanding that I was an introvert helped me get rid of a lot of guilt that was related to feeling tired after a couple of hours with a big group of friends.

2. examine the environment 

Learn to notice certain environments or circumstances that make you nervous or where you act differently than you usually would. Recognize triggers that set you off, is there a certain person that makes you react oddly, a certain stigma at play? Understand what’s setting you off, and how and why you react the way that you do.

3. reflect & take action 

Start thinking of what your temperament means to you. What are you losing by acting differently than you usually would? Are you gaining something? Do you feel uncomfortable or out of place? It’s essential to think of how this has altered your life, and what you need to do fix it. The next step is to make efforts to go back to yourself. When you feel pressured to contribute to something that might actually not be that important, take a step back and really think.

I hope that these tips have been of value to you! I know that thinking and reflecting on all this has definitely changed how I conduct myself and just generally how I go through life.

Best wishes,



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